About Me

Hi, I'm Jason and I thought I'd create a little corner for myself on the internet. Chances are, if you've found this website, your probably looking for me and well, I can't tell you where I am or I'd have to kill you. I'm just joking! I still won't tell you where I am though.

Now you are probably wondering who am I and what this website all about. Well that's simple, I'm me, a guy who dabbles in lots of creative things! Things like taking awesome photos, making awesome videos, designing cool websites like this one and sometimes I even dabble in creating games!

In all seriousness though, I do all of those things but I am mainly a photographer. I know right... having said all those things, photography doesn't seem to sound as exciting... What makes me exciting and awesome though is my work, so feel free to have a browse and if you see anything you like, well let me know!


PS: If you haven't yet figured it out yet, to navigate around my little world, just click on the links in the top right corner.

PSS: Yes that picture above... is me, but I'm not actually that fat and bloated... I got bored and started playing with the camera on my Macbook Pro.

My Awesome Videos

You should totally spend some time to watch my cool videos. They are super awesome! And if you actually like them and want me to produce something for you, just drop me a line and I'll bite!

Super Cool Photos

Just a collection of my awesome snapshots of life and it's wonders!

A Small Snippet

Photo by Jason Lei Photo by Jason Lei Photo by Jason Lei Photo by Jason Lei Photo by Jason Lei Photo by Jason Lei Photo by Jason Lei Photo by Jason Lei